Let's build something remarkable together.


Taking the path of greatest impact
We pay attention to what people think is impossible – their answer points towards an opportunity.
Show don't tell
We believe the path of greatest impact is often unintuitive – we must demonstrate to educate.
What makes us different.
Human nature always leads us down the path of least resistance. If something's easier, we'll instinctively pick that choice.
It's easy to point the finger outwards instead of at yourself.
At Health District, we are not interested in any of this!
Sure, it's hard to admit you don't know an answer.
> It's hard to risk getting fired by a partner.
> It's hard to do someone else's job.
It's hard to prove that anything is possible.
Our team has learned this lesson the hard way. 
> Taking the easy way is the fundamental problem with building a service model.
Our partners and our society expect to see what is being built in real time.
> We therefore design models and tools to provide that visibility.
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